GoNoodle Linky Party!!

I was so excited to come across this linky from Kickin' It In Kindergarten! I am absolutely obsessed with GoNoodle! I first discovered it last winter when trying to shake up my indoor recess protocol. If you haven't tried GoNoodle, yet, check it out NOW! It is an absolute LIFESAVER! This week, our 4th Champion, Squatchy Burger maxed out and graduated so we had to select a new champion!

Seriously, is he not the absolute cutest?! I almost don't want him to level up... but that would mean no brain breaks for awhile! I guess I'll have to sacrifice it! ;)

Favorite Brain Break

My kiddos prefer Disco Brain to Dino Stomp, but we have so much fun together STOMP STOMP-ing around the room!! Plus, Disco Brain freaks me out a little bit. The kids giggle incessantly because they think it actually looks like a butt (shhh.... don't tell them I said the b-word! HAHA!), but it always makes me think of raw chicken. Ewwww!! And Pop-See-Ko CRACKS ME UP!!!! I just love it when the hot dog shows up!

Happy Place

The Bahamas! Dave and I honeymooned here and it was the first time either of us had visited. We both fell in love and didn't want to leave. This past summer, Dave and I visited again... this time we met some friendly sea lions! Nassau was just such fun! Shopping, tasty drinks, sun, snorkling! I just can't wait to go back!

Time for some shopping!

Blue Lagoon Island -- where we met our sea lion friends! :)

Heading out on the cruise on sunset! So lovely... makes me dreamy

Guilty Pleasure

Girl Meets World... I knowwwww it's on the Disney Channel... and I knowwwwww that it was written for pre-teens, but I just love it! I grew up on Boy Meets World. I looked forward to it every single week. When it ended, my best friend and I re-hashed the entire final season, episode by episode, line by line. My husband teases me because I quote it all the time. For Christmas this year, he got me the COMPLETE SERIES! I'm such a lucky girl :)

Girl Meets World is such a great follow-up to the story! My best friend (same one since 1994!) and I both laughed and cried and obsessed over the recent holiday episode guest starring SO MANY Boy Meets World originals. I guess Sam's mom is right... the two of us never really grew up. But, honestly.... I kind of prefer it that way! 

Keep Calm and...

Paint on! I. LOVE. PAINTED. NAILS. I love choosing new colors. I love adding glitter. I love changing colors! I love accent nails. I love love love love love painted nails. I've been experimenting with Jamberry which is great when I want some nail art that will last awhile, but I don't think that I can give up nail polish altogether. I don't know if its the smell... or the calming effect of the having the time to actually do them from start to finish, but... I LOVE painting my nails!

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  1. The pictures of your honeymoon look absolutely dreamy!

  2. Awww, thank you!! It really was... vacation this year, too! I can't get enough of the Bahamas!!


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