GoNoodle Blogger BLITZ 2015!

Happy New School Year, everyone! In case you couldn't tell by my absence, it has been quite the summer! From moving to our new school, to switching grade levels (TWICE!), to summer school, mini-vacation, a family craziness... I just have not been able to blog. ::slaps hand:: bad blogger!

To usher in my return to the blogosphere, I am teaming up with one of my favorite classroom resources for the GoNoodle Back to School Blitz! I cannot accurately convey how unbelievably excited I am to be a part of it; if you're a follower of mine, you know how much I L-O-V-E LOVE GoNoodle!

So here's how it's going to go:
  1. Bloggers from all over will share how they use GoNoodle in the classroom. (Soooooo many ideas!)
  2. All associated bloggers and readers can use this special discount code: BTSwithGoNoodle to get 15% off 
So, let's get started!
How do I use GoNoodle in my classroom? Oh, let me count the ways!

1) Energizers -- Ever have a day when the kids are gloomy and dragging their behinds... no one is focused and your classroom is just lagging? Grab an energizer and get those kids up and moving! It wakes up the senses and helps clear their minds! Our favorite energizers are Peanut Butter in a Cup and Get Loose!

2) Re-focus -- For those days when everyone's minds are scattered all over creation! We like to head on over to GoNoodle and do a little yoga with Maximo! Our favorites include: Cirque De So Leg and Dancing Bear!

3) Indoor Recess -- This one might be obvious, but... for those days when it's too hot, too cold, to rainy, snowy, or any other reason that may be keeping you inside -- we use GoNoodle's Indoor Recess feature to take a break from our learning and get MOVING! I love how the Indoor Recess mixes are structured, including guided dance, free movement, call and response, and yoga cool-downs. My favorite part of this feature? There are all different options for length of time. This has been a huge help for days when I lose track of time and want to squeeze in a few minutes of recess before art or music (or setting up materials for our next activity... because, let's be serious... we all need a few minutes, sometimes!)

4) Behavior Management -- GoNoodle is our NUMBER ONE most requested whole-class reward. On days when we miss the mark, my littles are just beyond disappointed. Adding it to our choice board has changed management in my classroom!

5) Ice Breaker -- It's the beginning of the year... you've got a new class. Some students were together last year, others were not. Some are shy, some want to stick with their crew from last year. In order to foster some community in the classroom and help my students get to know their new classmates, I like to use the Secret Handshake videos. I have my kiddos change partners each time we do a video so that they get to meet and work with their new classmates. These videos are a HIT! And they are such a help in kicking off our school year!

Some of the benefits of using GoNoodle in the classroom include:
  • Improved gross motor skills
  • Improved coordination
  • Improved spatial understanding
But now, let's have a giveaway!

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