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As you all know, I have been on a weight loss journey for quite some time. I let myself go this winter -- got sucked into the stress of our dryer, furnace, fridge, and dishwasher dying... 2 family members in the hospital, and the everyday stress of just... being an adult. ::sigh::

This weekend, the hubs and I committed to ourselves and to each other that we would be getting back at it... RIGHT. NOW. 

We emptied the cupboards and the fridge.
We made our menu plan and grocery list... and shopped.
We set goals and made a tracking chart.
We planned this week's workouts.

So now it begins. Time to get crackin' NO EXCUSES!! :)

Have you heard of or participated in Financial Peace University? My mother-in-law took the course last fall and strongly suggested my husband and I attend. You see, I left school with nearly $130K in debt from college loans. Private universities... they're a killer. I always wished I had some guidance in taking out loans and trying to pay them off.... I didn't have any clue what I was doing. This class has been a LIFE SAVER!! Tomorrow we wrap up the course -- can't wait to share my experience with you all!!

Anyone have suggestions for Plus Size shops? My BFF, Shannon, is getting married in November. Obviously, I'm hoping to have lost weight by then, but... for her wedding, she has asked all of us bridesmaids to find a dress (any dress) in yellow and order it by May. It can have a pattern, any length, and any fabric (except satin). I am looking for some suggestions. Anything helps!

Have a great week, everyone!!

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  1. Your egg hunt sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks! I plan to share more about the set-up. We have a lot of fun with it every year! :) Thanks for stopping by!!


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