Currently: May!

It's MAYYYYYYYYYY which can only mean one thing! Time to link up with Farley for Currently!!
I actually drafted much of this on Friday morning before school and then I got caught up on about a million different things! Gah! So, I'm not posting until now... ehhh... it happens!

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Listening: One Republic's Dreaming Out Loud album. I swear they are one of my favorite bands. I love just soaking them in while I work!

Loving: Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters today! Normally, I would have seen it at midnight, but the Hubster and I have about 76234857 commitments this weekend and need to be well rested. So 7:00pm tonight, it is!! :)

Thinking: About my birthday blog-a-bration! Is that a word? A thing? I don't know, but there's 1 week until my birthday and I've got some plans for my blog, my instagram account, and my TpT followers! So, follow all accounts to stay in the loop! :)

Wanting: To be outside in this BEAUTIFUL weather! I love being a May baby because it's just so sunny and calm, and truly lovely! 

Needing: To get myself organized for all of the testing that begins on Monday! Get this! We've got 10 school days (one is a half day) to test students in the following:
  • 1-on-1 Sight Word Evaluation
  • 1-on-1 AIMSweb (18 testing minutes per child)
  • STAR Early Reading (15 minutes per child on computer)
  • STAR Math (15 minutes per child on computer)
So, basically... no instruction? Ok, thanks... that's helpful. I don't envy you upper-grade teachers in the least, but to start so much testing so young... is just horrifying to me!

Summer yes, hope, dream: Let's keep this simple...

  • Yes: We're moving into our new school this summer.
  • Hope: To buy and move into our first home.
  • Dream: Of getting pregnant

There are oh, so many things on the horizon at the moment and I couldn't be more excited about each and every one of them. Stay tuned for some special Teacher Appreciation goodies and my birthday blog-a-bration!

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  1. Wow! It sounds like you have a lot of fun coming your way! We will be breaking ground on a new school building this fall so we have 2 years of icky construction before we get to move into pretty new classrooms. I'm super jealous! Happy birthday! I hope it's a blast!!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. New schools are so exciting! We've been in a "Swing Space" for the past 3 years. Luckily, we've got a nearby university gracious enough to host! I'm itching to get into the new place, though! It's basically finished! They started planting trees this past week and putting the name on the building. We're pretty excited! After 3 years, 2 sounds like a dream! Good luck with it all! Don't be jealous, you'll get yours soon enough! :)

  2. Moving is no fun, but a new school is soo pretty! Good luck with all the EOY stuff!!

    1. I cannot wait to post the pictures! It is just SO colorful!

      Thanks and best of luck to you, also!! :)

  3. Couldn't agree more with all this testing at young ages just can't be good for anyone!! However, you seem to have a lot to look forward to and Many Happy Returns for your up and coming birthday celebrations :) Pleased to have met you - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. The testing drives me up a wall. Whenever I give an assignment, my kiddos ask me if it's a test... if they will get a grade... if it will go on the report card.

      It's just... so far gone from what teaching and learning should be :(

  4. Like the other teachers I am jealous of you moving into the new school! My school is in serious need of updates :) It's 100 years old. I guess that's what keeps it charming though.

    I love your blog name. Super sweet :)

    I am new to blogging and glad to be finding teachers to connect with and follow!

    Visit sometime!

    Sammy @ The Rustic Apple

    1. Wow! 100 years old?! That's... crazy! I'm not sure how old the former building was, but... it needed to come down. It was crumbling! Once, we had a total lockdown due to an unidentified powdery substance that ended up being powder from a crumbling ceiling. Yeah... it was that bad.

      And thanks! It took me forever to settle on a blog title! I'll definitely check out your blog! :) Let me know if you need anything!!


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