Tell All Tuesday: Teacher Bucket List!

It's that time again! ...Time for Tell All Tuesday!!

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to reflect on the previous school year.  It also gives teachers time to daydream and think to the future.  In honor of summer and the time time off we're giving ourselves from our teacher reality we want to know your dreams for your teaching career.  For this Tell All Tuesday, we'd love for you to share your "Teacher Bucket List."  What hopes and dreams do you have for your teaching career?  Do you want to go back to school to become a reading specialist?  One day become principal of your school?  Or something else in the realm of teaching?  Dream big and don't hold back!  Share your Teacher Bucket List with us today!

Get my EdD
I have always wanted to be a Doctor. I don't care how silly it sounds. In fact, at 3 years old, I asked my Pediatrician what school she went to... When she replied with, "Yale", I asked if it was a good school and explained that I would only go the best school when I became a doctor. When I realized that my true calling was teaching and not pediatrics, I never gave up the dream of being a doctor. I hope to dive deeper into studies in the next few years and start the process.

Becomes an administrator
I would love to be a Principal. Deep down I know it's in my future. I absolutely love being in the classroom, and I, in no way, want to take this on in the near future as I firmly believe that the best administrators are rooted in the classroom... but I would love to have the opportunity to work with teachers in a different way, view school from a different angle. This is absolutely a long-term goal for me.

Present in Vegas
Someday, I hope to share my experiences in the classroom with teachers all over. I often work with colleagues to develop arts integration lessons/units and help with management. First, I need to actually make it to Vegas, but someday, it is my dream to present at I Teach K! :)

Now, it's your turn! Link up below! I cannot wait to read your bucket lists!

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  1. It always amuses me that teachers come from two camps: they want to be an administrator or they avoid it like the plague. We definitely need strong educators to step into administrative shoes though!

    1. You are so right! And honestly, I used to say that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with administration, but over the past year, I've sort of landed in a number of leadership roles and it has been a breath of fresh air. My heart is in the classroom and I plan to teach for AT LEAST another 5-10 years, but somewhere out there on the horizon, I see an administrator position.

  2. I'd love to present too! But I don't know if I'd ever want to be an administrator.

  3. Eeeekkk! Principal...yeah, I'm in the other camp! But we need strong leaders and I know you'd be great! Go get 'em, Doc!
    Always Kindergarten

  4. Love your goals!! I would definitely go to your presentation in Vegas!

  5. Ok, Dr. Tiffany! Love it Babe! You can do it! When I go to Vegas, I will be your #1 cheerleader! Check out my post, it includes a FREEBIE.
    All the best!

  6. Wow - your goals are great! I have all my fingers crossed for you that you get to meet them!! I hope you do get to present in Vegas!!

    Thanks for a fab link up, I was gutted to miss your last one - so happy to have stumbled upon it today and join in in time :)

  7. You have some really great goals! I have a friend who just completed her doctorate in education after years and years and years of working on it!! I wish you luck with that goal, it is a lot of work but definitely worth it!! Good luck reaching all your goals! Thanks for sharing them with us!!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

  8. I enjoyed reading your post! You have some great goals!! I would love to meet you one day at TPT Vegas and listen to you present!

    Best of luck!

  9. Hi Tiffany, I loved reading your teacher bucket list! You have some great goals. Kudos to you for wanting to be an administrator. I definitely agree that the best ones are those that have lived the classroom life. What a great goal to be able to present and share your experiences with others. I wish you all the luck as you work towards your goals. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to link up with us! :)

  10. What an awesome bucket list! We would love to see you in Vegas presenting! Good luch in reaching your goals!
    Much love,
    Ashley and Brooklynn


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