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Listening: One Republic is one of my favorites. I can listen to them in the background and get work done, they're great to drive to... I just love One Republic! Dreaming Out Loud is my favorite album of theirs, and I've got it running on repeat right now.

Loving: It snowed last night. Again. We got about 7 inches. They have closed school for much less, but I think that the timing worked out really well so we don't have to miss another day of school. Instead, we got a 2-hour delay. 2-hour delays are my favorite way to handle the snow. No one has to rush to get into work, you still get to see the kids... and we get some work time. I do my best to come to school normal time for delays. Normal for me is still over an hour before the kids show up, so I get tons of work done! And since these days are so rare, I like to treat myself a little... So, this morning... it was a bagel and S'mores Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. YUM! So warm and toasty and comforting :)

Thinking: Yesterday, I posted 2 new products to my TpT Store. I feel like I'm on a roll, so I need to stay on top of it! Another reason why I showed up to work so early this morning! Click on the images to check them out in my store!

This set includes:
192 different CVC Trace and Write Cards divided into 6 different sections:

32 Full Word Trace
32 Initial Sound Practice
32 Final Sound Practice
32 Medial Sound Practice
32 Rime Practice
32 Full Word Decode

Laminate and use these cards in small groups, literacy centers, as an early finisher activity, or any number of ways!

This set includes:
Practice pages covering all Dolch Pre Primer words.

Use for morning work, homework, in a center, or however else you see fit!

Wanting: Last night, I saw a post about How to Keep Teaching When Your Personal Life is Falling Apart. Let me say this... my personal life is not falling apart, but... we all know that we occasionally find ourselves in those moments where it starts raining, then pouring, then dumping piles of snow, then ice, then repeat. Those days when all you want to do is pull the covers up higher over your head and hide from the world. Well, 2015 has started off in just that way. Lots going on, lots of heartbreak, lots of added stress. It happens. Such is life. I am firm believer that God does not give us more than we can handle and that without these moments, we cannot truly appreciate all the good that we have in our lives. So here it is... I'm trying not to think of it as a breaking point. I'm trying to look at it is an opportunity to change some habits, to cut some ties... to become an even better me.

Needing: As I said, I posted 2 products to TpT yesterday, but what I didn't mention are the 7, YES!! 7 packs that I have started and been bouncing around on. I really need to just finish them up ASAP!

Spring Break Plans: We don't have Spring Break until the 3rd week in April, but I am planning on working the whole time. Whether it be working on the house, working on finding a new house, catching up on school work, or making things for TpT, I will be working. I know that it sounds boring, but it is what it is these days!

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  1. I completely understand trying to keep going while things get hard! As teachers no matter what's happening in our life we have to put on a happy face for our students because they deserve the best from us! I hope you get to relax and enjoy over your spring break!

    Teach Talk Inspire

    1. Thanks! Honestly, my kiddos bring out the absolute best in me and I tell them every day that they warm my heart and make my world that much brighter. Having them makes it worth it to get out of bed when things get tough! :)

  2. Smores Hot Chocolate??? Why have I not heard of this? I'll have to try it out. I tried their white chocolate raspberry latte the other day and it was really good. I see a DD trip in my future!

    Sara J Creations

    1. I don't know! How haven't you?! It. Is. AMAZZZZZING. I love pretty much anything s'mores related! Would have had a s'mores bar at my wedding, but the venue wouldn't allow the flame :( The Dunkin version is honestly the BEST one that I've tried. I'm obsessed!

  3. I need to finish up TpT stuff too, I wish I would finish a product before I start another one!!

    1. I think that that is my single biggest issue! I get so many ideas on my head and on my To-Do lists that I get excited and start them all! I'm pretty sure that 7 current projects is an underestimate, too. Hahaha! Here's to both of us plugging through and getting it DONE! :)

  4. Who doesn't love reality TV?! I can relate to the not-finishing-products so much! I start this, and then I start that, and I just need to finish it all!
    Love your blog, Tiffany!
    The Education Kingdom

    1. Hahaha! I'm seriously OBSESSED with reality TV. I've talked about it on here before. My husband thinks I'm nuts!

      I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a bunch of half-finished projects! I need to jump back on the "Working On It Wednesday" bandwagon -- that was always such a help to me! :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Carly! You're too sweet!

  5. I feel the same! You are doing a great job. Your blog is beautiful and I know you are a fantastic teacher! I have lots and lots of ideas also for my TpT store and I get sooooo excited! I have a TpT To Do List and I write down my ideas, plans, goals, and due dates. This helps me stay on track. I also think of TpT, blogging, and socially connecting on all these fab sites as a reward for me. I try not to let it stress me out by keeping up with everything. My most important and loving reward is being a mom and wife. I have learned that life is too short and I plan to enjoy my babies, well they are 19 & 15, but they will always be my babies! I also love to spend time with my ever supportive hubby! So these little treasures along with my faith are my numbero 1! I'm also focusing now on my health and honestly this is a challenge. I think we could be great motivational partners! Keep up the good work! You are amazing! I look forward to your growth and happy successful blessings! Muah!

    1. Oh goodness, you are just too sweet! I'm really excited that we have been able to connect online. It is truly amazing the community that has been built up through blogging and TpT, etc... I sincerely look forward to getting to know one another better and possibly collaborating in the future! :)



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