A Week of THANKS -- Day 2!

I'm loving Blog Hoppin's Thanksgiving linky party this year! 5 days, 5 things to be grateful for! Today is probably going to be my favorite.

For day 2, we're focusing on the letter "H"... 

I think that it is quite obvious.

Today, I would like to highlight how thankful I am for my HUSBAND.

Dave and I met in 2002 when I was Freshman in high school, he a Junior.

I was extremely shy and a friend of mine talked me into joining the marching band last minute. At this point, I had missed band camp and needed to be caught up. The band director stood me next to Dave and asked that he help me for the first couple of days. We immediately hit it off. He was hilarious! He liked to tease me and joke around quite a bit. We had a number of interests in common. But, as he often likes to berate me about... I was oblivious to his feelings and ended up dating someone else within 2 weeks.

Dave's Prom, June 2004
We were all friends. Me, my boyfriend, Dave, and his sister, Christine. We spent so much time together! No matter what, though, some of my favorite moments of my freshman year of high school were standing on that football field with Dave. He made me laugh like no other. 

Unfortunately, it took 4 more years, 3 additional relationships, a year of no contact, and 1 amazing summer before we got together.

The summer that I graduated high school, he swept me off my feet. Once again, I found myself laughing harder than ever before... smiling wider... enjoying life in a new way. My friends noticed it quickly and knew that I must have been hiding something. I didn't think that it would go anywhere as I was headed to Boston for school and he would stay here. But... he believed.
Head of the Charles, Cambridge, MA October 2007
The night before I left for college, I was about to pull away from his dorm, when out of nowhere, I felt myself shout. It was it didn't come from me, but... it did! I shouted, "I love you!" and I think that we were both shocked. He reciprocated, but it meant a whole new bunch of challenges. 

Throughout college, we did everything to make it work. Visits every 4-6 weeks, letters, cards, emails, video chatting, the works! During my last semester, Dave was running for office in our hometown and found himself unable to visit me but once. He came up on what would be the 3rd anniversary of his 1st visit. We decided to replicate that first visit -- see the same places, do the same things. 

April 2007, QuadFest (Spring Fling) Dance
August 2007 -- NY Jets vs. NY Giants

Underneath a willow tree, with 2 ducklings at our feet, on a bench overlooking the pond in the Boston Public Gardens, Dave got down on one knee. He popped the question as a bridal party was taking their photos no more than 30 feet away. 

His 1st visit in September 2006
Our bench
I was so taken aback that I forgot to say yes. I put the ring on and just starting crying. He had to ask me at least twice more before I could focus on what was happening! It was a magic moment.
We're now 2 years into our marriage and I could not be happier with who I have chosen to share my life. 
At his cousin Chris' wedding
This man has seen me at my best and worst and has loved me through it all. We have (and continue to) grown up together. He knows when I need to talk, need to be held, need to be alone. He can sense the slightest change in my mood from a mile away. He has kept every promise (including the one he made at the altar to bring me flowers once a month!) and has surprised me constantly.
October 2009, just weeks after getting engaged
My husband is a man who does not teacher -- never had a teacher in the family (until myself and his sister came along), but he understands the importance of our work. He has campaigned for Donors Choose funding (begged for it, even!) without my knowing, set up bulletin boards, arranged desks, cut out laminated pieces (even as a lefty!), and surprised me brand new sets of headphones on occasion!

This man knows my heart and soul and embraces it with all he's got.

I don't know what I have done to deserve someone so wonderful, but I hope that I can treat him as well as he treats me.
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  1. What a sweet story..have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! Honestly, feels like a dream sometimes :)

      Have a great Thanksgiving, also!

  2. I love this . . . what a great way to run with the H Theme :) Merry Turkey to you and your sweet hubby!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks! I still have no clue what I'm going to do for A tomorrow!! Enjoy the holiday with your family! :)

  3. Tiffany,

    I loved reading your sweet story! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Paiges of Learning

    1. Thank you, Paige! I think the Hubster was a little embarrassed by it, but I would scream it from the rooftops if I could. He really is wondeful!

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :)


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