Summer & Classroom Move

I'm back!!
This has been a nutso kind of summer. I have always worked and/or gone to school during the summer, but my scheduling has always been super flexible. This is the first year that I have opted in to teach summer school -- and crazy me is teaching not one, not two, but THREE summer school programs! I am drafting a post about my experiences with each program, but for now, I need to de-stress with a little blog post about my big classroom move. 

As I announced about a month or so ago, I will be looping with my Kinderloves up to the First Grade next year. My Principal is adamant about keeping grade level teams grouped together, so she is requiring that I move my room down the hall.

I should preface this by stating that we are currently housed at the University of Bridgeport in what is affectionately referred to as the "Swing Space" as we await the building of our BRAND. NEW. BUILDING! Check out the building's progress HERE!

Therefore, while I have been stationed in my classroom for 2 years, I will be moving to a new room for next year, and then packing up to move to the new building. Apparently, there is also the possibility of moving mid-year next year. FINGERS CROSSED that I don't have to do this twice in one year.
With all of the summer school craziness, I have not had the opportunity to make it into my *new* classroom -- until last night. I snapped a few photos of what I found when I arrived.

FINALLY! Empty bulletin board space! My old classroom had one bulletin board, placed BEHIND the computers (we are not allowed to move ANY technology within our classrooms per district policy). I am so excited to create an engaging meeting space over here! And note the custodians already placed my rug for me! :) Love those guys!

So many boxes! I meant to get a picture, but forgot... behind that stack is a LARGE corner of cubbies covered in additional materials and filled with ANOTHER stack of boxes. Gosh, I sure have a lot to get unpacked!

Another stack of boxes at the front of the classroom. I'm dizzy just thinking about it all!!

Here is where my stress level becomes elevated! My old classroom had cabinets and closets that spanned from one end of the room to the other. In here, I have approximately 1/3 of the cabinet storage of my old room. Additionally, my old room came with 5 additional book cases and shelving units. ::Breathe in:: ::Breathe out:: You saw all of those boxes! It will take some creative organization to get all of that unpacked into this room! :)

My desk space. As you can see, the teacher before me left some things up. Task number one will be to take it down and pass it along to her.

No matter how stressed this process is, I cannot wait to really dig in! I will post pictures at the end of each working day to show it off to you!
Any suggestions for organizing math manipulatives without shelving or cabinets? PASS THOSE IDEAS ALONG!! Thanks! :)
Happy blogging and have a GREAT day!! For those of you in the Northeast like me... we've finally got some nice weather! Enjoy it for me while I'm teaching away!!
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