Let's Talk About Books Linky!

It's Tuesday! Which means another linky! It's time to Talk About Books with Mrs. Jump! Click HERE to head over to her page and join in the fun!
Now, let me preface this post by stating that TOMORROW IS OUR KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION!!
I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I promise to do a more in-depth post later,
but for now....
This week, instead of sharing just one book, I will be sharing one of my FAVORITE resources!
We Give Books is an incredible resource for any classroom teacher!
Through their website, anyone with internet has access to award-winning children's books including some of the classics such as Corduroy and Madeline!
In addition to making these books available online, We Give Books links up with non-profit groups to physically put books in the hands of our neediest children!
What could possibly be better than a website working to instill a love of learning in children?!
This website is 100% free! 
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