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Happy Monday, everyone!
I don't know about all of you, but this is my final week of Summer! We head back to school next Monday for Professional Development through Wednesday. Then a half day with the kiddos on Thursday and full day on Friday.
I am DEFINITELY stressing out now. I have been dying to get into my classroom all summer, but I have been working with 3 different summer schools making it near impossible. I planned to go in beginning today so that I would have the whole week to unpack all of those boxes from my big move, scrub it all top to bottom, arrange the furniture... you know... just get it all done. 
HOWEVER, we received an email on Friday night that we are unable to access our classrooms until THURSDAY. That gives me TWO DAYS before we report for professional development. Fingers crossed that they let us in on Saturday!!
Since I can't get in there just yet, I decided to jump in on the Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week Linky Party!

Blog Hoppin! is one of my favorites because of all of the collaboration that goes into the blog. Take a peek at the original post and link up each day!! :)

I currently live with my incredible husband, Dave, and our pets: Leia,out 3-yr-old Border Collie/Newfoundland mix, Peanut, our 3-yr-old Guinea Pig, and Crowley, Dean, Ralph, and Felix, our fish!

We are totally and completely supported by our loving family!

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my baby brother. He is 17 years old and has been through quite a bit. Just when we thought he had overcome it all, he got wrapped up in the tragedy at Jonathan Law High School when a friend and teammate stabbed another close friend of his, Marin Sanchez right next to his locker. I cannot imagine how I would have responded had I been in his shoes, but he just continues to amaze us all and rise above. He graduated this year and continues to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter. Due to his age, he is limited, but he doesn't let it get him down. He spent his last semester in high school not partying with the other Seniors and slacking off, but taking night classes at the local Bridgeport Hospital to train him to be a certified EMT.

I. am .SUCH. a Daddy's Girl. Always have been. My dad and I are teammates and have been forever. My daddy is one of my best friends. When something good happens, he's always one of the first that I want to tell. When something bad happens, I just want his shoulder to cry on. He is funny, deeply loving, and committed to doing his best by all of 3 of us regardless of the struggles he has had to overcome.

My sister is amazing. She blows me away day in and day out. Upon graduating from college, she and her boyfriend traveled to South Korea for a year to teach English. They returned this spring and just this past Friday (also her 24th birthday) they packed up all of their belongings into a uHaul and they are heading cross-country. For me? I always need a set plan. Her? She is an adventurer. Their one solid plan is to take 3 weeks to make it to California. From there, I'm not sure. So scary to me, so exciting for them!

Dave's family is absolutely incredible. They have been 9328749234% supportive of our relationship since the beginning. My Mother and Sister-in-Law even got together and planned my entire bridal shower... making it a complete surprise! 

For MONTHS, his family joked about wearing tuxedo t-shirts and sweatpants to the wedding. We were SO SURPRISED to walk into our Rehearsal Dinner to find the ENTIRE FAMILY, extended and all, in these!! :)


There is just way too much to say about the friends that we have in our lives. I have to start with the friends that are more like family. Tom and John... they have truly been around for it all. Without question, they are the first when we need something, whether we know it or not. My husband jokes that I've got the two of them wrapped around my finger... and they all tease that I have 3 husbands. I love these guys.

And who would I be without my girlfriends?! Always there to talk to, to goof around with, be completely and totally myself!

And my co-workers. I am beyond blessed to work with these amazing people that have found a way into my heart. I truly consider these people some of my closest friends. They all walked into my life at a key moment and I don't see any of us walking away any time soon.

Things I love

Dave and I have taken up golfing with Tom and John. We are all very new to the sport, but are also all OBSESSED. We cannot get enough. Last summer, we golfed 3-4 times A WEEK. Unfortunately, work limitations kept us busy this summer, but I am eager to get in as many rounds as possible before the season ends.

I am a self-proclaimed geek. My husband teases that he knew I was his forever when we watched Star Wars the first time and I was able to quote all of Empire Strikes Back.

Beyond all of that, I love...

Bright colors.
Autumn mornings.
Driving with the windows down.
Netflix marathons.
Nail polish.
Boston Red Sox.
New York Jets.
New York Rangers.
Charm bracelets.
Anything sparkly.
French Vanilla Cappuccino.
Sea lions.
Chick flicks.
Beach days.
Music of all kinds.
Nicholas Sparks ANYTHING.

I love pretty much anything monster (only the cutesy kind, though!), dinosaur, or super hero. I even wear a cape in my classroom!! (More on that when I post about my Guided Reading setup soon!)

Goals, Wishes, Hopes, Dreams

Right now, I am solely focused on losing weight. I have struggled with weight loss since I was 11 years old. Due to an undiscovered hormonal deficiency, I ballooned at a very young age. I have been undergoing treatment for the last few months and hope to drop 100 lbs by next summer. I will be highlighting my weight loss journey on here as well, so keep an eye out... and feel free to throw any tips my way. 

One of my greatest dreams is to be a mom someday. That's why I need to get healthy NOW. I want to be my healthiest self so that my future child with be healthy. It is a thrilling, terrifying, exciting, journey deciding to have a child and while I am mentally and emotionally as ready as I'll ever be, I know in my heart that I am not physically there yet and it would be selfish to try now. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my all about me!

I can't wait to read all about YOU!

And check out the other days of the link-up! I will be participating EVERY DAY!

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  1. Loved all your photos. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Wishing you a great year!

    Oh, I LOVE the name of your blog- very cute!


    1. Thanks for popping in! And thanks for the good wishes! :)

      It took me forever to settle on a blog name that I liked! And after all of the brainstorming... this one came to me after a particularly trying day of shoe-tying! hahaha! But i'm sure you're used to that, as well, being in Kinder! :)


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