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For Day 2, the task is to post pictures of where we teach. Unfortunately, as I mentioned yesterday, I have not been able to make it into my classroom and it is therefore, still untouched since I moved my 50-something boxes in there!
Instead, while I panic over all that I have to get done, let me give you a tour of the classroom I taught in for the past 2 years. I loved almost everything about that classroom and am eager to see how my new room will turn out!!

This was the entryway before I got married! I love how colorful it was and once I got my final class list, I added all of my kiddos' names to the tree! They loved looking for their names and trying to find letter that matched up with mine!

It took me FOR... EVERRRRR to get it done, but I completely papered the three inset wall sections with primary colors. I wanted it to be obvious that my room was sectioned off even though I didn't really have the furniture to do so. Plus, the colors provided the perfect backdrop for student work since I the only bulletin board that I had was behind the computers and difficult to access. In our district, we are not allowed to move computers WHATSOEVER. It can be frustrating, but... we learn to work with it.

Here is a peek at the boys' cubbies. Each child was given a little mailbox to correspond with their table group color. I love that the cubbies gave the kiddos a place to stash all of their things. Our old school didn't have cubbies. All grades had to keep their belongings at their desks. How distracting!!

Here is a work-in-progress shot of my guided reading table and word wall behind it. I also started the year by making this a giant reference area including color and shape signs. This picture was taken my first year teaching K. I have since changed that area, using the pillars to post student achievements.

This is the front of the room/meeting area. I used bulletin board paper and bright green duct tape to create a bulletin board area above the the SMARTboard. 

Our birthday board was kind of hidden, but I needed to put something above that water fountain. The wall was SO junked up! Because it was so hidden, I knew that I couldn't use it for anchor charts or anything that the kids would use on a regular basis, but I figured that with the birthday board, I would be able to highlight that when necessary, and wouldn't have to worry much about it being out of the way the rest of the time.

Then  came my library. I wanted it to be as bright, colorful, and engaging as possible. I LOVE how it turned out. Each color is a different level and the kids were taught to know which buckets to look through. I just LOVED the little furniture and I'm sad that I can't take it to 1st grade with me this year. :(

One of my favorite parts of my classroom, were the views of the park. This was taken on one particular late night when I stuck around way longer than I probably should have... Anyone surprised?! 

I cannot WAIT to share my new classroom pictures with you next week!!!!

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  1. I love the way you used the primary colors to section off your room...very crafty! I feel your pain, I used fadeless bulletin board paper to cover the back of my walls this year's no joke. ;)

    The Organized Plan Book"

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to do my room reveal for this year! My husband and best friend came to my classroom yesterday and we upped the ante -- 5 total walls! It. Was. NUTS! But the effect is just TOO GOOD! :)


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