Wednesday Working On It!

I promise that I will post my update about Summer School shortly. I have been crazy busy testing the kiddos since this is my last week with them. :(

Currently, I am working on a few different things.

1) Blog Development: I have changed my layout a handful of times and am finally working on creating my own design. I have some other commitments (classroom setup, summer school, etc...) that are slowing my progress, but take note! My blog is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Thanks again to Amber at Sweet School Moments for her recommendations. I was up all night delving into blog design, etc... Thanks to her, I have created my first blog button! Grab it to the RIGHT ---------------------> Also, I have spent some time over at I Teach. What's Your Superpower's Blog, Baby, Blog! Page! She has some AWESOME tips for personalizing your blog and making it more accessible! She breaks everything down and makes it seem so SIMPLE!! Can't wait to debut all that I have learned -- hopefully by the start of school!

2) Sight Word Pack: I have already uploaded my Sight Word Assessment Pack to TpT HERE and I have gotten some pretty good feedback so far. I am currently working on adding more components including morning work, personal goal tracking sheets for students, and much more! I'm sorry for anyone who missed out on the FLASH FREEBIE yesterday, but it is 21 pages of assessment and parent communication for only $2.50! Definitely check it out if you have a moment! And if you get in on it now, you'll be able to download all updates FOR FREE!

3) New Classroom: Today, I want to give an update on my classroom setup. As I mentioned last week, I am looping for the first time and my Principal has requested that my room change. I have gone into my room every single day this week and have done NOTHING. I haven't unpacked a box, I haven't put up any decorations, NOTHING. Each day that I have gone in, I looked around at all of the things I have sitting in boxes... and the things that the previous teacher has left behind... and gotten so overwhelmed with stress, that I've moved a single piece of paper (a banner that the child of a family friend made me) to different spots in the room, and then just walked out.

I was talking to my husband and to a colleague of mine last night and made the ultimate decision to diagram my room out. I sat down last night and made a list of everything I want/need to have in my room, sketched out a theme, made a list of materials, and got myself excited about setting up my classroom.We have the cruise next week and then summer school after that, but I can't wait to get back in there and just WORK. I'm one of those people who will procrastinate for as long as humanly possible, then bang out a 30-page paper in under an hour. I've always been that way. Apparently, I work well (better, even?) under pressure. Hopefully that will be the case after the cruise!
Needless to say, I'm stressing....
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