Today, I am celebrating because it is finally public knowledge and therefore, I can post it! I have been asked (and have subsequently accepted) to begin a K-1 Looping Program at my school! It will be the only one in the district. We had debated beginning the program with next year's Kinders, but due to numerous circumstance (i.e. 2 1st grade teachers retiring, and MANY requests from parents to never leave my classroom...), it has been decided that I will move along with my little ones to 1st grade! I am super excited! I have grown particularly close to my kiddos this year and we have a great relationship. Their parents are incredible and very much involved and I look forward to taking this leap with their support!
As you may know from earlier posts, our school is currently in a "swing space" as our brand new building is being built. This swing space is a strange setup with classroom being (what feels to be) miles away from one another. Initially, I had been slated to remain in my classroom in the Kindergarten wing of the building. However, due to district mandates regarding bathrooms for the Kinderbabes, I found out just this week that I must move my classroom to allow for the new Kindergarten teacher to use my current room.
Well, today was the day that we began packing up. I was blessed with the help of 2 6th grade students this afternoon. They helped me to sort through and organize closets and cabinets and take down ALL of my artwork and bulletin boards. The classroom looks BARREN. I wish that I could wait until closer to the end of the year, but with camps and summer school coming up immediately following the last day, I just don't think that it will be possible to wait that long. Looking around at the empty walls is heartbreaking, but I am excited to plan out a whole new classroom! Once I get in there, I will definitely have to post the before and afters!!
My question to all of you...

Have any of you looped? What grade levels? How did you find the experience? While I love the idea deep down, I find myself bouncing back and forth between the excitement and fear. I am so worried of not having a deep enough grasp of the 1st grade curriculum. Any recommendations? Thank you!! :)
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