Butterfly Lifecycle Projects
                As part of our study of the life cycle of a butterfly, students were asked to share their understanding of each part of the lifecycle through shared writing activities as well as in an individual Butterfly Journal. Additionally, each day has been further enriched through the process of creating a depiction of what the student has learned. A short description of each project has been included below. I am working to create a Butterfly Pack including everything that I used for our butterfly unit. I can't wait to upload, but until then, please COMMENT with any questions about these projects. I know that it's the end of the year, but it's never too early to pull together ideas for next year! :) Also, click on the heading below to view a little more about the projects@

Students used controlled scissor cuts and liquid glue distribution to mimic the look of butterfly eggs on a leaf.

After studying line design and pattern, students created caterpillars featuring unique patterning as determined by the student.

Students used papier mache to create the form of a chrysalis. Each layer of the chrysalis was created by forming a new layer through papier mache. Thin newspaper was used as the initial silk layer. Green, brown, and white construction was then layered on top to imitate the hardening outer shell. Last, students painted their chrysalis a darker brown to mimic the color change that occurs as caterpillar morphs into butterfly.

Through use of brightly colored tissue paper on top of wax paper, students created “stained glass” butterflies to hang in classroom windows. Students applied their knowledge of pattern while also exploring color blending.

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