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Yay! I am so re-energized now after checking off SO MANY wishlisted items during the TPT Cyber Monday/Tuesday Sale!! Now, I'm linking up with Bloghoppin' to show off my purchases!!

I can't wait to hop around and see what the rest of you have purchased!!

SHHHHH!!!! Don't tell my husband how much I spent!! ;)

I started out by getting some new clipart. I'm relatively new at making products and I think that it is finally time to up my game! Enough of living off of freebies! (though, there are some pretty awesome ones out there!) Time to go all in! So, I grabbed a handful of packs fro Creative Clips. Ugh!! I am OBSESSED!! Even with all that bought, I probably have at least another 10-15 packs sitting wish listed! ...who am I kidding, I'll probably go back tonight and buy them!

I am so unbelievably excited about this CVC bundle! I have just started cycling back with my kiddos to short vowel sounds and I think that this bundle will be a HUGE help in creating high quality packs with my kiddos in mind. I am honestly always searching for CVC work online -- why not just use these images and make it?! This will definitely be a major boost in the materials I am able to provide my kiddos!

I have been eyeing these bad boys for a bit. My school hasn't wholly committed to Fry or Dolch words and has, instead, been using a sort of hybrid list. BUT... these Star Wars Fry Phrases are just so engaging and I KNOW my boys are going to love them!! My husband is more than a little obsessed (the first major gift I ever got him was a film quality replica light saber!) and he asked that I print a second copy for home for when we have kids. Seriously?! ...Slow the roll, buddy! :)

I have been wanting to take on interactive reading journals for quite some time now. I have tried to get my grade partners to collaborate with me on setting them up, but no one seems to be biting quite yet. I am so glad to have found this pack to use a jump-off! I can't wait to see how my kiddos take to the journals! (Any recommendations for starting out?!)

Join the link up to share what you picked up during the sale! And click on any of the images above to purchase! :)

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  1. I went back and bought the doodles right after I read your post this morning! Thank you :) Jen

    1. Oh, yay! I am SO GLAD! Enjoy it!! I'm addicted... clipart, fun fonts, all of it!! This font, in particular, is fantastic! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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