Looping Bumps and Bruises

Last spring, I was ecstatic to announce that I would be looping this year and I promised some updates.

I have to say... I am absolutely in love with the idea. Everything that has happened within my classroom has gone so smoothly throughout the first marking period.

Everything outside of the classroom? Not so much.

I have had the pleasure of taking on 18 of my original 24 students. Unfortunately, 6 of my students have left the school due to various reasons -- moving, accepted to magnet schools, etc..

Due to the overcrowding in our district, I have taken on 6 new students to our group. Initially, I was concerned about the effect this would have on the group dynamic, but my originals have FLOURISHED and truly worked to incorporate all students and integrate them into our team.

Sometimes, the most rewarding moments are when my students just... gel. To see them taking others under their wing and showing them our class procedures and making them feel welcomed is just incredible.

Whether you loop or not, how do you help your students to welcome new friends?
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