Let's Talk About Books and a FREEBIE!

And now for one of my favorite linky parties of the summer... Thanks to Mrs. Jump for hosting!!
This week, I am highlighting a book that I have JUST discovered by one of my favorite Children's Book authors, Chris Raschka!
First, let's talk about Mr. Raschka for a moment! He is the author who brought some serious favorites including Yo! Yes?, A Blushful Hippopotamus, and many others. Chris' books are special because they do a spectacular job at conveying particular feelings using vivid illustrations and simple, kid-friendly text. This year, I was extraordinarily lucky to receive a $100 grant for a local library book sale. While purging their Children's Book section, I came across...

Charlie Parker Played be bop!

I had never heard of this book before, but I LOVED John Coltrane's Giant Steps so I snatched it up. As many of you know, our school is currently under a MAJOR arts grant and anything that we can do to more fully integrate the arts is a thumbs up! I tossed the book in the stack with all of the others and just this weekend got around to looking through it.

What I found exceeded my expectations!

Each page offered engaging illustrations. Full of color, line, and expression, they hit on many different points. I cannot wait to use this book as a mentor text with my firsties!

Throughout the year in Kindergarten, we worked diligently on developing stamina for writing and strategies for editing and revising. This year, we will be delving into Author's Craft! This book will be a great kick-off to onomatopoeia as it will allow the kiddos to put an image to each sound.  

I have created a small set of graphic organizers that the kids can use before or after reading the book.
Before Reading: Use the pages to imagine what each word could mean and stand for. See if their representation in the book matches your own!
After Reading: Create alternative meanings or representations for each sound word -- OR -- use the images given to
There is also a space where students are able to create their own word to use in their writing.
Feel free to let me know other ways you would use this book/activity!
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  1. I downloaded your sight word pack and left some feedback. Did you happen to mention in the pack whether the words were Dolch, Fry, or from some other list? I would love to see that when you update!
    This book you post about here looks like a great find! If you would like to add 2 new books to your collection, please stop by my blog for a little giveaway I'm having: SweetSchoolMoments

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!!

      I did not mention where the list is from, but I will definitely add that. It is not a Dolch or Fry list -- it is pulled from the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journey's program and the DRA2. The Journey's programs introduces all of those words in Kindergarten and re-visits them in 1st and 2nd grade. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm sure others will have the same question!

      Keep an eye out for updates, I have started to work on morning work, homework assignments, and literacy workstations that align directly with the assessment pack!

      I am heading right on over to your blog now.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)



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