Blizzard Nemo Productivity!

This has been a wild couple of weeks. I have not been in school since February 7th. My school happens to sit right on the water in Bridgeport, CT right in the epicenter of where the blizzard dumped over 3 feet of snow in under 12 hours. The city is still digging out and as far as I know the schools have not yet been touched. This coming week was scheduled to be our Winter Break and there was much discussion regarding possibly canceling the break to get our kiddos back to school after over a week off, but unfortunately it did not happen. I will not be seeing my KinderSTARs until February 25th! I cannot believe there will have been an entire 18 days off since last seeing them. I sure hope they've been practicing!

We were supposed to celebrate the 100th Day of School on February 12th and we missed Valentine's Day. The kids were extremely excited about both days and hopefully we'll be able to squeeze them in when we return.

I was not expecting to have school canceled on the 8th so I did not bring nearly as much work home as I would have liked. However, I got myself started on a number of projects that I have been thinking up recently. I am super excited to unleash these new projects to the kids, I have a feeling they'll love them.

Once everything is up and running in my classroom I will post pictures. However, a rundown of what I have been up to:

  • Sight Word Poems
    • I've been putting sight word poems on sentence strips to use for guided reading, whole group lessons, and literacy centers. I have a number of plans for exactly how I will use these with my students, but I will go into more detail with that later.
  • Alphabet Anchor Charts
    • I was assigned Kindergarten very late in the summer and like most, had to make due with what I had on hand. We currently have two 3 alphabet charts that we use in our class. All are very small. This week I created a rainbow alphabet to coordinate with our rainbow theme. I am currently collecting photos, labels, etc... to add to each 11" X 14" letter.
  • Sight Word Star Search
    • I love my KinderSTARs and I love that through our PBIS program we reward our students with Star tickets. I try my best to bring stars into our activities as often as I can. The kiddos always brighten up as they are familiar with the idea of stars and truly have a great deal of schema to go along with the idea. I found these sturdy yellow foam stars at Dollar Tree this week and bought enough to cover all of our sight words covered throughout the year. Using Crayola Slick Stix I wrote 1 sight word on each star. My plan is to hang these from the ceiling then create binoculars out of toilet paper tubes. I thought it might be a nice alternative to Write the Room placing a much heavier focus on sight words as it is a grade-level goal this year.


On another note, my husband and I are set to embark on our, albeit delayed, honeymoon. We could not be more excited. We have chosen to take a week-long cruise to the Bahamas. Neither of us have ever been on a cruise before and our excitement has kept us from getting any sleep the past few nights. Everything is packed and we're just waiting on my father to pick us up so that we can head to the city. I honestly LOVE the snow, but I am definitely eager to feel a little warm sunshine on these cheeks! :)

xoxo Tiffany
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