New Year Resolutions

This week, my Kindercuties and I sat down to set goals for the New Year. Our school support team has put a great deal of time and energy into creating data booklets for each student (grades PK-8!) to record and review assessment scores. Each of my students set goals for how many letters, letter-sounds, sight words, etc... the kids think they can learn by mid-February. As a spin-off activity, the kids made shape portraits of themselves celebrating New Year's and dictated what their plans for 2013 are. Below is a photo of the completed bulletin board. Some student work has not been included as it is being featured in the school's lobby as part of our whole-school writing initiative.

Some of my favorite resolutions are listed below:

In 2013, I will...

  • Learn how to make soup for my mom because she's sick.
  • Change my baby sister's diaper because my mommy thinks it's yucky.
  • Go to the North Pole and have Santa be my teacher. Then I will make toys and learn his sled so I can give kids toys.
As a follow-up assignment, students had to describe their portraits in their journals using the shape names.

xo Tiffany

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