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Happy New Year, everyone!! I am so excited to be linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade for another Currently post! Click HERE and head on over to join in the fun!

Listening: My husband and I are huge football fans. He's a lifelong Giants fan, I'm a lifelong Jets fan. We're always rivals in sports... with the exception of hockey and college football. When my husband was a sophomore in high school, he and his sister got to perform at the Tournament of Roses with the school marching band. So, it makes perfect sense that one of our traditions is to watch the Rose Bowl every.single.year. I love kicking back with the hubs and watching the game. Basically, I just love bowl season... and next week, the National Championship!! GO DUCKS!!!!

Loving: This year for Christmas, my in-laws got us a Margaritaville Margarita maker. Boy, oh boy... it. is. WONDERFUL. Nothing quite like a frozen adult beverage... even in the winter time! Hahaha! So, this afternoon, my dad and my in-laws came over and we cooked up a STORM! Chicken and steak fajitas, chicken and steak tacos, guacamole, salsa... just so much. My husband and I are suckers for Mexican food and for just the 5 of us, we ended up getting super carried away and cooked up over 12 pounds of food! Whoops! I guess we'll have leftovers for awhile!! :) When I was a kid, we didn't really have people over the house often... or really ever. As an adult, I love a full house. I love feeding my friends and family and it fills my heart. There's nothing better than when we're all together. 

Thinking: My husband got me a Ninja Kitchen system for Christmas and I cannot wait to start using it! As you know, I've been working on getting my health in line. My fantastic husband got me a Fitbit and this set to help me out. I love how unbelievably supportive he is. If anyone wants to be friends on Fitbit and help to motivate one another, send me an invite! ( I love new friends! :) Anyway, I really want to start blending some green smoothies to jump start my day. Anyone else have this set?

I am seriously BEYOND excited to start using this bad boy! Anyone have any good smoothie recipes? Let me know! :) Also, any recommendations for a good non-dairy protein powder would be fantastic!

Wanting: This one piggybacks on the last... We have absolutely NO MORE ROOM FOR APPLIANCES (or much else, really)! Right now, my husband and I are living in my childhood home. My mom has moved to upstate New York and ultimately wants to sell the house. She had to move for health reasons to be closer to her doctors and couldn't take care of the house and make the necessary improvements/modifications. Dave and I are working on the house while we look for our own. When he moved in, I already had a great deal of things that my mom left behind. Then we got married and received OODLES of new gadgets... and now we're here, two years later... and I have mini bakers racks lining the walls filled with appliances. You name it, we've probably got it! Now that I've got the Ninja Kitchen Set, I'll have to take some time to purge the kitchen. There's just not enough storage and luckily that set plus the Kitchenaid Mixer should replace much of what we've got.

Needing: Every vacation, I tell myself that I will get myself into a good sleeping habit. Every vacation, I fail. Miserably. Lucky for me, this new fitbit monitors my sleep so I've been able to truly see just how bad I have been! Oy! Less than 5 hours each night.... not sleeping until after 1 or even 2 some nights. I haven't even been doing anything exciting! I need to get myself back to my routine or Monday is going to be R.O.U.G.H. ROUGH!!!!

Yes: This break really is flying by! I'm sure you all agree!

Maybe: I should just go to sleep right now. Seriously. I probably should. That would be a good idea and actually make sense, but... but... football... and husband... and... haha! Maybe I'll start... tomorrow? ;)

I wish: I have wanted to attend I Teach K for a couple of years now... and last year, I really tried to justify spending the money on the TpT Conference. This year, I'm hoping to make some money on TpT and in some other areas that will put be over the top enough to be able to afford the trip. I'd really love to get together with some other bloggers. I have read such incredible things from those of you who were able to attend. Hopefully, I can make it happen in 2015!

I wish you all a lovely New Year full of peace and joy! :)

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  1. Found your super cute blog on Oh' Boy 4th Grade's website!

    I completely agree...I need to get back into my usual sleep cycle! That alarm clock will ring way too early on Monday morning!

    1. Thanks! :)

      So worried about Monday. I'm going to be a mess. No. Joke!

      Good luck!! :)

  2. MMM your Fajita-rita night is literally making me drool. What a great idea! My sleep sched is off too but I kind of have an opposite problem--I still go to bed early I just sleep super late. Getting up tomorrow is going to be wretched!

    Happy New Year!

    The Sassy Sub

    1. Hahahahah!! Thanks, Molly! It was delicious! And we had SO MUCH FUN! Not to mention, SUPER EASY! Everything was pretty much, prep... pop in the oven... and wait. Obviously, the best way to cook anything! :)

      You go back tomorrow?! Ugh... good luck to you! Happy New Year!


  3. Found you through Currently! I ditto the comment above..this sleep thing...yea I better get it under control in the next few days I have been horrible about staying up too late....I also have a fitbit! kinda fell off the wagon and stopped wearing it awhile back but maybe you just motivated me to put it back on :)
    The Blessed OCDiva

    1. I am seriously laughing our loud over all of these sleep comments!! We should start a support group! HA!

      I know I've only had the Fitbit for a week, but I'm already obsessed. I have been so ultra motivated since getting it with trying to get my steps in. Honestly, if you're interested... feel free to link up with me! We can keep each other motivated! (

      Happy New Year!


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