A Week of THANKS -- Day 6!

**Pats self on back** I made it! I successfully blogged for each day of think link-up! I am extra proud of myself for doing it! I have made it a personal goal to blog a MINIMUM of 3 times each week from here on out. This is certainly a good start!

For the 6th and final day of Blog Hoppin's Week of Giving THANKS link-up, the letter S, I have to say that I am thankful for Shoe Laces & Sweet Faces! 

Blogging on my own has given me a whole new perspective on the blogosphere. I so admire the many bloggers who have and continue to influence me. 

I created the blog itself nearly 2 years ago -- honestly, because I was bored and trapped inside during a major snowstorm. I blogged maybe twice the entire first year. I honestly forgot about it for MONTHS!

Then, last year, my grade partner began asking about the materials that I was making for our students -- and the ideas that I was having for bulletin boards, lessons, integrated units, etc... and suggested that I begin to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

At that point, I hardly had any idea what I was getting myself into!

Beginning last spring, I really worked to build my blog up and make a habit out of it. Since jumping in full-throttle, I have made some blogger friends and finally made a few sales on TpT! I am still in the beginning stages of this crazy little blog life, but I am loving what it has brought me!

My husband laughs at me because every time I am on the computer, he doesn't even have to ask -- I am ALWAYS working on something for this blog. Whether it be fiddling with my blog design (still trying to get up the courage to make the jump to a paid design!), drafting a new blog post, or creating new products, I'm always doing something!!

I thought about including this blog in my Day 4 post on New Adventures, but I chose to separate this one out because it truly is its own entity. This blog is making me a better, more reflective educator. It has ignited a new spark in me for professional development... both given and received, and it is something all my own! For all of this, I am thankful!

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  1. Super cute blog!! So glad I found it through the linky!!!

  2. I just started blogging this past summer, and I agree that blogging is so much fun!

    A LoveLi Class

    1. Your blog is ADORABLE!!!!

      And yes, I just LOVE blogging! And I LOVE the connections I have made!


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