Working On It Wednesday!!

Good evening, one and all! I was so excited after the TPT Cyber Sale last night, that I jumped right on creating!! Below are a few things that I am working on!!

My kiddos and I are working on different phonics generalizations. We are currently introducing one generalization a day, then will circle back and spend about a week on each one in more depth. My kiddos love trying to work out which words are real and which are nonsense, so I am working to put together some new activities for them to use and will post to TPT as soon as it's done!

Last year, as a Kindergarten teacher, I swore up and down that I would start using Math Journals with my kiddos. We never really got around to it. Now, in 1st grade, we're into December and I have been doing a daily quick math prompt that I put on the board, have them copy, then complete. I would really like to pull something together that I can print for them to maximize our time and help them get directly to the problem-solving! I have already blogged about how busy this month is, so it would be awfully ambitious to think I could have my December prompts completed anytime soon, so I will start with a set of prompts for January. Keep an eye out for the full set!
What types of problems would you like to see the kiddos solving in the January pack? Comment below! :)
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