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As I mentioned in a post last week, I will be linking up with numerous blogs through the summer months! Today I will be linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class to for her We <3 Books linky!

I absolutely LOVE the idea for this linky party because I am OBSESSED with Children's Literature as I so many of you are! I studied Children's Literature almost exclusively throughout both my undergraduate and graduate careers! I love learning about new books and getting ideas about teaching with old favorites! I actually keep a binder with lists of books I enjoy and lesson/activity ideas to correspond with them! I suppose I should make a mental note to post about the binder setup in case anyone else is interested!!

One of my all-time favorites is Big Al by Andrew Clements and Yoshi!
I have read it so many times that my copy is BEAT UP!! I should probably invest in another copy or two ;)
For those who have not read Big Al, it follows a fish named Big Al on his quest for friendship. He finds that his appearance frightens and offends others, making it a struggle to find and keep friends.
This story hits home for a lot of our kiddos. Even my little ones in Kindergarten!
One of the best parts of this book are the SPECTACULAR illustrations!

Check out some samples below:

I just love how vibrant the colors are! And each image has such detail... I could spend hours with this book, just pouring over the illustrations!

I like to use this book right alongside The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Reading the two books together provides with a wonderful, authentic opportunity to discuss vocabulary relating to friendship and character traits.  Since both characters make changes to themselves throughout their respective stories, the kiddos all take away something different! My favorite part of reading these stories together is the debate that takes place at the end! It is truly magical to hear my KinderSTARS try to prove their reasoning for each and every choice!

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  1. Big Al is one of my very favorites, as well:) I always start the year with a fish theme, "you are o-FISH-ally a first grader" and all that, and include this text as an anti-bullying message. I absolutely ADORE the name of your blog! So glad to have found you through Deanna's linky! Please check out my blog if you have time, for my kid-lit pic & a fun fall FREEBIE!

    1. Awww, you are too sweet! Thank you so much! Honestly, when I came up with the name, it was after a day of tying what felt like 1000 shoes! I'm sure we can all relate! I love that you use this book to kick off First Grade as I am using it to wrap up Kindergarten! Not sure if you read down any further, but I will be looping up to 1st next year with my kiddos (for the first time!!) and I am excited for the opportunity! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I will definitely be checking it out for some ideas heading into 1st grade! :)


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