Roll a Sight Word Freebie!

It has been awhile since my last update and for that, I apologize. I haven't yet finished my Early Finishers Pack, but I am uploading a freebie! Feel free to download the Roll a Sight Word component. This is one my kiddos' favorites. Anytime I throw in dice, they're ecstatic! 

There are 13 pages in this pack. I keep these sheets in file folders by group based on which word list each of my students has reached. With our rainbow theme, everything is easily color coordinated and makes it simple for my kiddos to find everything that they need. 

My kids typically play this game in pairs with colored pencils or fine tip markers. Once rolling a word, they must read it aloud to their partner. If correct, they write it in a box, if not... the other partner copies it into the box. Click the photo to access the files! Enjoy! And please leave feedback if you download! :)

xoxo Tiffany
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