A tour of Room 221!

Most of these photos were taken at the beginning of the school year, some while still moving into my new classroom...

This comes pre-wedding (pre-LoConte) and pre-student photos.
On the first day, I posted photos of the students along with
their favorite parts of their first day of Kindergarten.

Student cubbies. They like to call them their "lockers"!
Each one has a book box color coded to their tables where I place their homework and browser bags each day.

A larger view of the classroom.
I really like rainbows and thought I'd try out a rainbow theme for my first year.
I covered each wall completely in bulletin board paper to create a wallpaper effect.
I stuck with the primary colors for the walls. Each table is also assigned a color.
The room setup has remained pretty similar with the exception of the table names hanging from
the ceiling and OODLES of work covered those walls!

Our classroom library. I love all of the little furniture!

Here's our meeting area.
I don't love the location and it has gone through numerous incarnations,
but i'm hoping i'll find a setup that works for us.

Our birthday board and listening center are tucked away.
I think that I will move the birthday wall next year, but I love having my listening station hidden away.
It keeps the kiddos for getting too distracted by the other kids.

The rest of the classroom. The cabinets hold our word wall.
Each time we learn a new word, we add it to the wall.
Between the pillars are writing and word work centers so the kiddos have easy access to the word wall
 Nearby is my guided reading table.

I'll upload more recent pictures as I post work and whatnot. I love how put-together these photos look because goodness knows that when the kiddos are around, its a sort of... organized chaos :)

xo Tiffany

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